Baptism 8-21-22 Audrey, Avery, Emily, Deanna, Rowdy, Corbin, Sawyer, Gabe and Jim

Baptism – Brantley, Isabella, Maggie and Reagan

Pastor Gary Mason & Pastor Mark Wilburn Baptizing 17 people. Ferris, Doug, Kyle, Patty, Donna Lynn, Robbie, Neal, Jerry, Leondia, Will, Luke, Ryan, Brady, Sabrina, Jonathan, Jake and Michael.

Father’s Day Baptism- Chris Oates, Taylor, Terri Brooks, Allie, Jala, Vivian

Easter Sunday Baptism – 2018 
Greg Brooks, Keaton Patterson, Wanda Wilburn, Mark Wilburn
Interested in being baptized email the or call the church offfice at 336-672-0074